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Industry-specific solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Industry-specific solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV
In addition to the powerful financial and process management tools at the core of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, there are vertical applications that extend it further to meet the specialized needs of your industry. Also, it's highly customizable to match the unique requirements of your company.

Microsoft and its partners have extensive experience working with organizations of all types and sizes. Together we deliver solutions tailored to all of the industries shown below.


Effective management of projects with multiple sites and customers for general contractors and homebuilders.

Consumer packaged goods (CPG)

Lower costs, higher customer satisfaction, and rapid response to changing retailer signals for CPG manufacturers and distributors.


Drive down costs for distributing manufactured goods by integrating business and financial systems with the warehouse.

Food and beverage

Develop successful new products, meet retailer demands, and keep products safe.


Efficient constituent service and information sharing for government agencies and social-service organizations.


Streamline processes and minimize inventory-carrying costs for producing goods from raw materials.

High tech and electronics
Industrial equipment

Specialty retail

Manage specialty retail products, processes, and relationships for greater profitability.


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