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Microsoft Dynamics is familiar to your people

Help people and teams realize their professional potential by lowering barriers to productivity

The best way to create a productive company is to empower your staff to produce. Provide them with the business software tools that work like and with the tools they use every day—Microsoft Office. As individuals and team members, your employees can do their jobs and surpass their goals.

Improve productivity with RoleTailored software

Microsoft Dynamics works like other Microsoft products you and your people are familiar with, helping reduce the time required to learn how to use it, and freeing up time to focus on what matters most. Designed with a focus on the roles people play throughout your company, Microsoft Dynamics delivers an individualized, task-based user experience and allows your employees to easily customize and automate based on their own preferences and work style. That means less training and development time and a quicker return on your investment.
Software that’s designed around the specific jobs people do can provide the unique information each person needs to improve performance in their role. The results:

- Improved individual productivity.

- Better business insight across the organization.

- Tremendous potential for increased company performance.
The Microsoft Dynamics Customer model. Based on careful research and input from business customers like you, Microsoft has developed a model to guide RoleTailored software design. The tool helps document, capture, visualize and share how people work within departments. It helps ensure that Microsoft business management software, including Microsoft Dynamics, is based upon a thoroughly-researched, consistent set of people and processes that you can easily configure to work with your business.
Get an up-close look at the “People and Departments” section of the Microsoft Dynamics Customer Model: Download a white paper (DOC 3.13 MB).
Microsoft Dynamics Customer Model
The Microsoft Dynamics Customer Model visually represents people in different roles, or personas. These are based on real user data, and create a common language to guide Microsoft Dynamics product design.
Download a larger version of the illustration:
Microsoft Dynamics Customer Model: Departments and work
The departments and work component of the Microsoft Dynamics Customer Model provides an in-depth view of the top-level business processes within a department, and describes key processes and workflow used across organizations.
Download a larger version of the illustration:

Give people permission to contribute

Because your people can work effectively with Microsoft Dynamics solutions right from the start, they can be more productive and more satisfied in their work. You can observe measurable productivity benefits and a strong return on investment.
Microsoft Dynamics solutions offer several key productivity features that help to empower people to function better:

- Comfortable, familiar, consistent user interface that works with and looks like Microsoft Office programs

- Capability to access quickly and without distraction high-priority business functions and information based on business role

- Streamlined, simplified business processes with less busywork

- Extensive collaborative capabilities

Provide integrated business software—then watch the results

By integrating technologies you can boost the value of each component of your business management infrastructure in many business areas. For example, integrating products and technologies can help you:

Streamline efficient financial management
. You can use the same set of software skills to: Perform financial management tasks, control and manage costs and finances, use reporting and analytical tools, collaborate with people across the company, and support regulatory compliance.

Make sales that get results. Manage orders and production, build productive customer relationships, communicate effectively with customers and suppliers, and satisfy or exceed customer needs at every opportunity.

Promote effective use of human resources. Enable your human resources group to process tasks more efficiently and keep your employees more satisfied. Give employees control over personal information, simplify or automate routine and administrative tasks for human resources managers, and streamline recruiting and hiring processes.

Create sound business strategy. Company leadership must be in control of business direction. Microsoft Dynamics and other Microsoft technologies can provide your managers and executives with an easy way to answer important questions, accurately assess business events and market trends, make more informed decisions, and keep the business on a profitable course in alignment with strategic goals.

Invite your IT team to contribute more

To increase individual and organizational productivity, don't forget the IT group. When you run your business on the Microsoft platform, your IT people can use the same expertise, network infrastructure, and systems management tools to implement, monitor, distribute, and maintain all of your business technology systems.
Without the need for extensive user training, the IT group can focus more on mission-critical tasks. And by consistently using the Microsoft .NET Framework programming environment and developer tools, IT team members can customize the technology to optimally suit your changing business requirements, helping to ensure the long-term viability of your business.

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