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Apparel and Textile for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Integrate production processes, routing, and complex item data to increase efficiency, improve traceability, and manage cascading product specifications across the supply chain.
Global competition, the increasing complexity of dispersed supply networks, and ongoing mergers and acquisitions challenge apparel and textile manufacturers to satisfy demanding customers, bring products to market faster, and operate profitably. Yet these companies often struggle with patchwork information systems that are unable to handle the required number of item variables, limit flexibility, and inhibit visibility into operations.
Apparel and Textile for Microsoft DynamicsTM AX addresses complex item coding, traceability, and process flexibility needs of companies that manufacture and distribute textiles and apparel—from fibers to yarns and consumer and industrial fabrics to home goods and carpet, as well as clothing, designer lines, and fashion accessories.
With robust, industry-specific functionality and tight integration with other Microsoft products, Apparel and Textile for Microsoft Dynamics AX is a comprehensive business management solution that provides a high degree of scalability and readily adapts to your company needs and changing corporate structure. Support for multiple languages and currencies helps you operate smoothly across geographies. With Apparel and Textile for Microsoft Dynamics AX, you can be confident your solution is relevant to the demands of your industry and business.
Advanced item coding links item production and finishing variables with sourcing, BOM generation, and routing to help ensure traceability, cost accounting, and profitability analysis.
• Manage complexity for comprehensive traceability. Handle numerous material and product variables effectively with multi-dimensional item coding that enables you to track from raw fibers to finished goods—and back. Trace materials through variable sourcing and manufacturing processes, subcontractors, inventory, and logistics.
• Increase agility with adaptable processes for sourcing, manufacturing, and shipment allocation. Use blanket orders, neutral bills of materials (BOMs), multi-line manufacturing orders, and variable routing and allocation simulations to meet changing customer and supplier requirements.
• Take control of costs and profitability. Integrate material, item, order, and cost information into comprehensive financial management and reporting tools. For example, gain insight into seasonal or brand collections’ performance or profitability of various distribution channels.
• Gain insight to respond effectively to changing conditions. Run simulations and model new processes to adapt effectively to changes in product lines, manufacturing capabilities, supply partners, production geographies, vertical integration, and distribution.
• Streamline supply chain interactions. Take advantage of multicurrency, multilanguage, and multi-site support to speed transactions, improve transparency, and facilitate consolidated financial reporting.

Dimensional item managementManage complex item variables with advanced coding attributes and “smart” SKU coding for raw materials, process outputs, and item characteristics including collection or seasonal grouping, style, color, color-way, size dimensions, decorations, and finishing variants. Automatically update item codes based on manufacturing process completion with transaction-driven code changes and extensions.
Bi-directional materials trackingImprove traceability both upstream and downstream when you can track goods by lot, batch, and serial number and trace finished goods back to components and suppliers through item BOMs.
Flexible bills of material (BOMs)Streamline planning and increase production agility with neutral BOMs that enable production and materials planning independent of variables such as size, color, or
Adaptive production management Increase efficiency and respond quickly to changes with multi-line manufacturing orders, flexible and alternative routings, and reprocessing management. Support either push or pull production policies and integrate subcontractor routings and management into planning and logistics.
Tailored customer order capabilitiesStreamline order entry by creating multiple order types such as collection and showroom orders and open blanket orders with truncated codes for later specification. Accommodate multiple shipment addresses and delivery dates per order and save time by making mass modifications in existing or blanket orders.
Quality assurance supportIntegrate quality grading processes and information into the production and supply chain. Allocate products of various grades to different distribution channels and gain insight into grade costs and profitability.
Integrated shipping Define and meet customer requirements for put-up options, labeling, unitizing, and documentation, with item and shipment information fully integrated into invoicing and accounting processes.
Inventory management Maintain multiple material status indicators and improve inventory management with comprehensive tracking of materials and finished goods, including samples, off-site deposits such as trade show or showroom stocks, multiple real and virtual warehouses, and wholesale or distributor inventories.
Supply chain managementIncrease supply chain visibility, monitor subcontractor performance, and collaborate effectively. Incorporate supply partners into routing decisions and costing, share information using Microsoft® formats familiar to people worldwide, and extend replenishment processes to suppliers through the Internet.
Price listsAccess integrated cost information to easily generate price lists for finished goods of various quality grades, sizing, and quantities, plus create and maintain special promotional, trade-show, or showroom pricing.
Multiple measurement units
and conversions
Streamline and automate measurement conversions based on algorithms for improved accuracy and consistency.
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