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Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Multisite

Activate the multisite functionality
After you have set up your site structure, you can activate the multisite functionality using the Multisite Activation
Wizard. This results in the following:
- The site dimension becomes active in all inventory dimension groups.
- The site dimension becomes mandatory and must appear on all inventory transactions.

You can implement the multisite functionality on a company basis when you install Microsoft Dynamics AX or upgrade from earlier versions of Axapta or Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Different costs and prices on different sites
You can use different planned costs and prices for items and different cost category rates (rate and indirect costs) or ratios across the various sites within the company.

Master planning bills of materials (BOM) and route
When you run master planning in a multisite environment, the demand at the end item is exploded (driven down to the component levels) according to the dimensions that have been set up for each item, and for the route that is specified for the site.

Time zone and delivery date control per site
You can specify order entry deadlines per site, which takes into account that sites might be located in different time zones.

Enhanced XML documents to support multisite and new fallback warehouse
XML documents (Axd documents) have been extended to support the new multisite feature in Microsoft Dynamics AX, and a fallback warehouse has been introduced. A fallback warehouse is specified when a warehouse cannot be determined according to business rules or when the warehouse has not been specified when a sales orders is received via intercompany and Enterprise Portal.

To handle cases where site and warehouse is mandatory information, all Axd documents are evaluated to verify if site and warehouse information is included when reading data. In cases where warehouse is not included, the fallback warehouse is used. The fallback warehouse is defined as part of the company information. If multisite is activated, the site can ultimately be determined via the fallback warehouse.

If multisite is not activated but warehouse has been defined as mandatory on the item dimension group, the warehouse is also determined via the fallback warehouse.

Sales orders support multisite and site-specific financial dimensions
Sales order default values have been changed to support multisite and to ensure that default financial dimensions can be specific to a site.

Enterprise Portal now supports multisite usage
Enterprise Portal functionality used by sales representatives, customers, and vendors has been changed to support the new multisite feature.

Multisite and intercompany orders
The total and the multiline discounts are calculated automatically when you create an intercompany purchase order from an original sales order. Previously, the purchase price, discounts, and automatic miscellaneous charges were calculated automatically, but you had to calculate the total and the multiline discounts manually for each order line when a purchase order was created from a sales order.

The total and the multiline discounts are also calculated automatically for the intercompany purchase order when you create the order from an intercompany sales order and the Price & discount search check box is selected for the PurchaseRequisition action in the Intercompany action policy form.

Note: Delivery dates in intercompany orders are synchronized the same way as before, that is, in the case of different time zones, these are ignored when you synchronize delivery dates. Because standard cost prices must be set up individually on individual sites, the standard cost price setup on an item is not copied together with an item when you copy the item to another company.

Purchase orders now support multisite and site-specific financial dimensions
Purchase order default values have been changed to support the use of multisite and to ensure that default financial dimensions can be specific to a site.

Changes in the Create purchase order and Create direct delivery forms
The Create direct delivery and Create purchase order forms have been modified, so now you can select a preferred vendor per site, warehouse, size, color, and configuration. Furthermore, the forms have been changed to support multisite usage and a new Price/Discount tab has been added to view price and discount information.

Request for quote supports multisite usage
The new request for quote feature has been updated to reflect the new inventory dimension site and to ensure that default financial dimension can be implemented for specific sites.

Multisite support for product builder
The product builder supports the following configurations:
- Single site
- Multiple sites
- Multisite inactivated

By default, the assignment of site ID on configured bills of materials and routes will originate from the sales order line unless specifically overwritten by product model logic.

Create and print sales order posting documents per site
You can create posting documents for sales orders as site-specific documents or as documents that represent the company as a whole.

You can create individual picking lists, packing slips, and invoices per site for the sales order lines that will be delivered from the individual sites.

The picking list and the packing slip can be created only for a specific site because they list items that are physically located at the site, whereas invoices can be either site specific or they can cover deliveries from more than one site.

Quotations and confirmations are company-specific documents that you create for the company as a whole, so customers receive only one quotation or confirmation document. Quotations and confirmations cannot be site specific.

After you have created the site-specific documents, they can be directed to a local printer using the extended print management feature.

Filter production data by site
You can filter production orders and planned production orders by site.

Specify item settings per site
You can define item master settings that are used when orders are created and generated at the site level.

Master planning in a multisite environment
Master planning in a multisite environment is supported by the following features:
- As part of the coverage settings for an item, you can specify a vendor for specific coverage dimensions.

- You can define item coverage settings for a subset of inventory dimensions that are set to be master planned by dimension. You can do this manually or using a wizard.

- In certain situations, you can change the default planned order type that is generated during master planning.

- To modify coverage settings, you can access the Item coverage form directly from the Net requirements form.

- The Dimensions tab on the Item coverage form shows all of the active inventory dimensions for the selected record.

Improved standard cost
You can activate and use multisite functionality with the standard cost inventory model.

Use bill of material (BOM) levels to control production at multiple sites

For multiple sites that share item numbers, you can set up the BOM and the route so that components can be produced at different sites.

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