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Supply Chain Challenge: How Chemical Manufacturers Can Use Microsoft Dynamics AX for Quality Management Concerns

The concerns of quality management typically extend across every aspect of supply chain management in chemical manufacturing companies. This broad viewpoint of quality management, for example, ranges from the definition of item and formula information through sourcing purchased material, actual production, sales shipments, and returns. Special considerations apply to lot-controlled items, such as the assignment of lot numbers, lot attributes, and lot disposition codes that restrict material usage.[1]

Since Microsoft Dynamics AX addresses nearly the full range of quality concerns with out-of-the-box functionality, it represents a strong ERP solution in the world of chemical manufacturing. The customization and integration capabilities within Dynamics AX can also be used to support additional requirements. The list of out-of-the-box capabilities is no small matter, and they cut across many different functional areas. The capabilities can be roughly grouped into several categories, as described below. More detailed explanations of these capabilities are provided in a separate white paper about quality management.

Item and Recipe Definition. Item and recipe information provide a logical starting point for quality concerns, where a recipe consists of the formula ingredients and routing steps. Some of the major concerns include:

•Item identification, including the optional use of variant codes (such as color or grade) as part of the item identifier

•Specify and enforce authorized units of measure for an item

•Specify and enforce approved vendors for a purchased item or outside operation

•Approval of authorized formula versions for an item

•Approval of substitute ingredients within a formula

•Approval of authorized routing versions for an item

•Identify quality factors in production, such as planned yield percentages for a formula version, component scrap, and operation yield percentages

•Identify planned changes reflecting continuous improvements to formula or routing information, such as improved yield percentages and better production processes

•Enforce the use of authorized formula versions for actual production (aka batch orders)

•Electronic signatures for approvals, such as the approving a formula version or the release of a production order

•Specify and enforce the allowable weight range for a catch weight item

•Identify the needed documentation for items, formulas, routing operations, and other key constructs

Lot Tracking (aka Batch Tracking). Many chemical manufacturers require batch tracking for purchased and manufactured items. Some of these considerations are shown below, and a previous article described the significance of batch attributes for chemical manufacturers using Dynamics AX.

•Specify batch number assignment policies

•Specify restricted usage policies associated with batch disposition codes

•Assign disposition codes to batches, and enforce restricted usage policies

•Specify batch attributes of an item and the allowable values for an attribute

•Report the actual values for batch attributes

•Identify and reserve material that meets requirements for batch attributes or same batch

•Identify and reserve material that meets requirements for expiration dates

•Identify and disposition any expired batches

•Generate certificates of analysis with the relevant attributes and their actual values

•Integration with a specialized Laboratory Management System to capture actual production characteristics

Purchasing and Production. Several aspects of the business processes for procurement and production involve quality management concerns. Some of these concerns include:

•Specify and enforce approved vendors for a purchased item or outside operation

•Employ work flow approvals, such as the work flow for purchase requisitions or for the release of a production order

•Identify scrap or returns to vendor for receipts of purchased material

•Identify actual scrap or rework options for finished production quantities

•Access the needed documentation for items, formulas and routing operations

•Perform receiving inspection and report disposition (via quarantine orders)

•Perform testing and report actual values via quality orders

•Perform testing and report the test results within different business processes (via quality orders), such as picking/shipping steps for a sales order or for a production process steps for a production order

•Identify and track quality problems via nonconformance reports

Sales. The business processes associated with sales orders, shipments and returns involve several quality management concerns. Some of these concerns include:

•Identify and reserve material that meets the customer requirements for batch attributes or expiration dates

•Enforce restrictions on sales order processing, such as preventing order entry for restricted products or for stopped items

•Provide regulatory reports for sales to different countries

•Identify hazardous materials and their MSDS documents, and ensure compliance for sending MSDS documents to customers

•Specify RMA disposition codes and related policies for handling customer returns

Other quality considerations might include best practices in supply chain management, such as ensuring valid delivery date promises on sales orders or the correct assignment of sales prices or purchase prices.

Quality concerns typically extend across every aspect of supply chain management, as noted at the beginning of the article. Examples of these quality concerns have been highlighted for several areas, such as the definition of items and recipes, lot tracking, purchasing, production and sales. In a given company, those people responsible for quality management must decide how their ERP system will handle these concerns - with out-of-the-box or customized functionality. A chemical manufacturer considering or implementing Dynamics AX as their ERP solution can employ out-of-the-box solutions for a large proportion of their quality concerns.

Further Research on the Critical Issues facing Chemical Manufacturers

As part of my on-going research efforts, I would appreciate having you complete an on-line survey with just three questions focusing on critical issues related to ERP system usage and supply chain management in chemical manufacturers. The questions involve open-ended responses at this stage of the research. The results will be published in my MSDynamicsWorld.com column.
[1] Dynamics AX employs the term "batch" rather than "lot" -- such as the terms batch number, batch attributes and batch disposition code - because the term "lot id" applies to an internally-assigned identifier for inventory transactions. The "batch" terminology will be employed throughout the remainder of this article.

BY Scott Hamilton, Chief Solution Architect, Solugenix


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Now Available Worldwide

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Free Trial

Microsoft released Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online worldwide Monday in 40 markets and 41 languages. The updated customer relationship management product aims to deliver customers a familiar, intelligent and connected experience, the company said.

Microsoft launched Dynamics CRM Online worldwide today, bringing its cloud-based customer relationship management software (CRM) to businesses outside North America for the first time.

"The service is available today as a cloud offering," Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said. "This is the first time we've made a release in the cloud before we have done so in the server version, and I think that really reflects the push by Microsoft into the cloud."

At a launch event in Redmond today, Ballmer announced that Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is available in 40 markets and 41 languages, and that customers can sign up for a free 30-day trial. The company also announced that Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 for on-premises and partner-hosted deployments will be available globally on Feb. 28, 2011.

“I think our customers are really going to embrace this new release,” Ballmer said. “It brings with it the ease of use that sales, marketing and service professionals expect; the ease of deployment for departmental managers; low cost and agility for IT; and most importantly, the kind of functionality, capability and value that's really going to drive revenue and drive customer satisfaction.”

Previously, the online version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM was only available in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico markets – outside North America, Microsoft partners had to host the solution for customers to use the product. Taking Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online worldwide shows the company’s commitment to delivering more value to more customers, said Brad Wilson, general manager of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Product Management Group.

Brad Wilson,
general manager of Microsoft Dynamics CRM
Product Management Group.
“Our goal with Microsoft Dynamics CRM has always been to give customers the power of choice,” he said. “Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the few CRM solutions in the market that enables customers to get CRM how it best fits them, whether on-premises, on demand in the cloud, or a combination of both.”
Regardless of how customers get it – online, on-premises, or as a hosted solution – Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is designed to increase productivity for organizations of all sizes whether they have a handful of users or tens of thousands, Wilson said.
“This product is really focused on helping people be more productive, handle more customer situations more fluidly, and get the most value out of the resources they're already using,” he said. “A tremendous amount of work went into the new product that will help people get things done in a streamlined fashion.”

Customers Already Using Dynamics CRM 2011

More than 11,500 customers and 400 partners have already used Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 as part of a beta program, including customers that have switched from competing solutions. Microsoft has been spotlighting those customer stories with its Don’t Get Forced campaign, where customers talk about how they’re benefiting from Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Microsoft is also offering eligible customers up to $200 for each user that makes the switch to Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online between now and June 30, 2011 to use towards services such as migrating data or customizing the solution to meet unique business needs. This offer is available in most markets where Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online is available.

Craig Unger,
general manager of Microsoft Dynamics CRM
research and development.
In discussing the development process of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, Craig Unger, general manager of Microsoft Dynamics CRM research and development, spoke about the team’s focus on delivering familiar, intelligent and connected experiences for customers.

First, the company worked on better integrating its CRM solution with Microsoft Office Outlook, he said. The result is a next-generation native client that looks and feels just like Outlook, an experience that many users will already be at ease with. “Because sales, marketing and customer service employees are working within a familiar application, businesses can work smarter and be more productive,” Unger said.

That familiarity and resulting ease of use has led businesses to choose Microsoft Dynamics CRM over competitors such as Salesforce.com. BioMedix Vascular Solution, a diagnostic device and software provider that focuses on detection and prevention of vascular diseases, decided to go with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online in part because of its familiarity with Microsoft products such as Outlook.

“Everyone at BioMedix uses Microsoft Outlook,” John Romans, CEO of BioMedix, said in a case study. “Because it fits right into that experience, we saw an opportunity to treat the rollout of Microsoft Dynamics CRM as if it were an extension of the same platform that employees were already familiar with.”

Microsoft focused on delivering better intelligence to businesses
though real-time analytics and visualizations with
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.
In addition to improving Outlook interoperability in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, Microsoft focused on delivering better intelligence to businesses though real-time analytics and visualizations. “We’re introducing these real-time, intelligent charts that allow you to easily navigate through important business information,” Unger said. “You’re not just looking at a long list of data but taking a graphical view through the application.”

The updated Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 also delivers a connected experience by integrating with other Microsoft technologies, making it easy for customers and partners to customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM to meet specific business needs, Unger said. A key part of the company’s value proposition – and what separates it from its competitors – is how well it works with other Microsoft products such as Exchange, SharePoint, and Office, he said.

“Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you get more out of the other technology assets that Microsoft delivers, whether cloud services like Microsoft Lync and Windows Azure or client-based programs like Microsoft Office and Outlook,” Unger said. “We find there’s a natural affinity between the kinds of technologies that Microsoft already delivers at scale and the CRM technology for managing customer relationships. All of these things can be pulled together in a seamless fashion to deliver great value for customers.”

This product is really focused on helping people be more productive, handle more customer situations more fluidly, and get the most value out of the resources they're already using.
Brad Wilson, general manager of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Product Management Group

Getting more value from existing technology investments is an attractive proposition for businesses. When BioMedix signed up for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it also decided to migrate to Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Standard Suite (BPOS), a set of messaging and collaboration tools that includes Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online, and other products delivered as a subscription service.

“Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online went beyond sales to pull together all areas of our business, something that we were not getting from Salesforce.com,” said Meg Heim, vice president of marketing at BioMedix. “Because the Microsoft solution works seamlessly with Outlook, we can automate workflows across sales, marketing and operations in a way that we wouldn’t have been able to if using Salesforce.com.”

Wilson said Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a key component of the company’s business, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is poised to shake up the industry.

“If we can show what Microsoft can do across the broad range of technologies we deliver, I believe we'll have a tremendous ability to transform the CRM marketplace and to really showcase Microsoft as a company that offers business and IT decision-makers remarkable value,” he said.

Register to attend Microsoft’s 9 a.m. PST Thursday, Jan. 20, worldwide online virtual launch event. Those who attend will be able to hear Ballmer and Kirill Tatarinov, corporate vice president, Microsoft Business Solutions, speak about Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and experience the new product for themselves through on-demand videos and content, including a customer showcase and business productivity, IT productivity, and industry tracks.

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incadea.engine DMS - Proactive management for demanding dealerships

incadea.engine® has been designed especially for car dealers, workshops and importers and enables you to optimize your internal processes and workflows. It is perfectly adapted to your everyday working practices and seamlessly integrates dealership departments and business procedures to help capture, consolidate, manage and share data more effectively and efficiently.

Benefits of incadea.engine for your business:
  • Multi-company, multi-branch and multi-brand capabilities
  • Low training requirements thanks to simple structures and Microsoft touch and feel
  • Address concept which covers all customers
  • Quick answers about your business because of real-time transaction posting
  • Connects your entire business
  • Direct connection to many OEM applications (optional)
  • Vast international automotive expertise and experience of incadea associates
incadea.engine is designed to help you run your business more efficiently and successfully. This is possible by combining Microsoft Dynamics NAV - a successful and proven ERP System - and incadea's great international experience in the automotive business.

incadea.engine is based on the all the functions available in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and combines commercial management options with special extensions designed especially for the automotive sector. With Microsoft look and feel incadea.engine is easy to use which enables customers to learn the system quickly. The system contains numerous open interfaces and supports the complete integration of Microsoft Office products. Together with most of the leading car producers incadea has developed interfaces which allow you to pull data from the OEMs. Flexible architecture enables incadea.engine to be easily localized and to support more than 21 languages, currencies and local business requirements by our network of in-country technology partners.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Sales and Marketing

Many of you may know a lot about the ERP software, Microsoft Dynamics® NAV for an accounting solution. But did you know you can leverage Microsoft Dynamics NAV for your sales and marketing initiatives as well? Using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can access the data, reports, alerts, and common tasks you need to build customer relationships, pursue new opportunities, and help drive sales. Here’s how:

Build Customer Relationships: The key to building customer relationships and keeping them intact is effective communication. If your messages are sporadic and unconnected, you will lose the impact you could have had with consistent and connected messages. This type of communication builds trust and loyalty among your customers. Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides detailed overviews of your contacts, lets you define individual customer profiles, and easily access specific contact information. Keeping customer information organized helps you ensure better customer relations in years to come.

Pursue New Opportunities: Knowledge is power and the knowledge you have access to within Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives you that power to identify and pursue new business opportunities. Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers a RoleTailored user experience that simplifies access to information and functionality based on an employee’s specific role. You will gain visibility into relevant business activities, such as tasks, worksheets, notifications, lists, key performance indicators (KPIs), and reports—enabling you to more easily prioritize your work and make faster, better-informed decisions.

Drive Sales: When it comes down to it, incoming sales are what drives your business. The Record Links feature in Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables you to link Microsoft Dynamics NAV records to relevant documents such as reports and spreadsheets. For example, you could link documents from Microsoft Office SharePoint Server or on a file server to a sales order or purchase order.

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Source : https://community.dynamics.com/roletailored/finance/default.aspx

Organismes à but non lucratif - Microsoft Dynamics ERP

Le succès de votre gestion demande une grande vigilance sur les détails. Prudence dans l'administration des dépenses et rigueur dans le reporting, telles sont les conditions indispensables pour garantir le respect de la réglementation et un financement futur moins incertain.

Microsoft Dynamics offre des solutions de gestion d'entreprise puissantes, conçues pour prendre en charge vos besoins spécifiques. Parce qu'elles permettent de créer des rapports précis et pertinents en temps réel, d'accéder facilement aux données et d'automatiser les processus, nos solutions réduisent le temps passé à des tâches routinières. Ainsi, vous pouvez mieux vous consacrer à votre objectif premier : fournir des services et de la valeur à vos bénéficiaires.

Pourquoi devriez-vous utiliser les solutions Microsoft Dynamics ?

Pour assurer une gestion financière responsable

- Accès en temps réel aux informations financières pour appuyer la prise de décision sur une comptabilité de projets intégrée.

- Intégration des données issues de systèmes disparates (finance et programmes, par exemple) autorisant une visibilité complète de votre organisation.

- Automatisation et rationalisation des processus métier (gestion des financements par exemple) pour réduire les coûts, diminuer les erreurs et économiser du temps.

- Amélioration de la précision et de l'actualité des rapports fournis aux composantes internes et externes afin d'assurer une intégrité et une responsabilité financières.

- Meilleur respect des obligations en matière de règlement et d'audit (par exemple norme NEP en France).

- Pour améliorer la fourniture des services et accroître la satisfaction générale

- Amélioration de la gestion des dossiers grâce à un accès facile à toutes les informations les concernant.

- Réponse rapide et précise aux demandes via une vue unifiée de tous les éléments.

- Amélioration de la gestion des projets par une centralisation de toutes les informations les concernant.

- Analyse des délais de livraison et mesure des performances organisationnelles afin d'améliorer l'efficacité des services.

- Exécution de campagnes marketing ciblées.

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Microsoft Previews Next Generation ERP - Dynamics AX 6

Defining a new generation of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions, Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq “MSFT”) today revealed significant advancements to the architecture of the next version of Microsoft Dynamics AX, code-named Microsoft Dynamics AX “6,” that will enable independent software vendors (ISVs) to bring solutions to market faster, and at the same time lower product life-cycle investments and expand market opportunity.

“Building on the proven strengths of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009, Microsoft Dynamics AX ‘6’ brings rich functionality, advanced architecture and the full power of the Microsoft stack to the business application developer,” said Hal Howard, corporate vice president, Microsoft Dynamics ERP Research and Development. “As we introduce these powerful new innovations, we maintain our focus on simplicity by streamlining application deployment, maintenance and upgradability.”

Significant new innovations in Microsoft Dynamics AX “6” include the following:

• A unique model-driven, layered architecture that accelerates software development, requiring less coding than building from scratch and easing maintenance and upgradability. This allows developers to build high-value functionality quicker and better.

• Pre-built interoperability with the Microsoft Application Platform, including Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 and Visual Studio 2010, and other Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft Office 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint 2010. This allows developers to spend less time on technical integration and compatibility, and increases the breadth of developer resources available to ISVs.

• A unified ERP solution with pre-built capabilities for five industries and 38 countries, providing a rich foundation that allows ISVs to rapidly expand their solutions to new verticals and geographies.

More than 100 ISVs around the world have been working with Microsoft Dynamics AX “6” in a variety of early adopter programs over the past six months. Many of these ISVs are already building their vertically focused next-generation products on Microsoft Dynamics AX.

“We’re looking to the future with Microsoft Dynamics AX ‘6’ and are confident that its robust and scalable foundation can be counted on to help our business grow,” said Bob Hadingham, platform director at LexisNexis UK. “We have been very impressed with how quickly and easily we have been able to extend our offerings for law firms and expand our international market opportunities, by being able to focus our R&D efforts on application development for our core expertise, instead of investing in platform development.”

“Many of the ISVs we are working with have their own end-to-end vertical solutions, often built on aging legacy platforms. The combination of the next-generation architecture of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft’s partner programs creates a long-term sustainable business opportunity for these ISVs,” said Doug Kennedy, vice president, Microsoft Dynamics Partners. “We are already seeing strong momentum for the solution with ISVs.”

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 is generally available today. A Community Technical Preview of Microsoft Dynamics AX “6” is planned for February, and general availability is planned for the third quarter of 2011.

http://www.pargesoft.com Microsoft Dynamics AX Global Partner

Microsoft Dynamics AX '6' Coming This Year

Microsoft plans to roll out the next version of its Dynamics AX enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution in the latter part of this year, the company announced today.

That version, called Microsoft Dynamics AX code-named "6," will succeed the currently available Dynamics AX 2009 flagship product. Microsoft is promising that the new release will have an improved architecture plus the usual integration with other Microsoft products, such as Microsoft Office 2010, SharePoint 2010, SQL Server 2008 R2 and Visual Studio 2010.

With the new release, Microsoft is highlighting a "model-driven layered architecture" in Dynamics AX 6 that will benefit developers and independent software developers (ISVs).

"Dynamics AX 6 has a model-driven-layer architecture that will accelerate the application development process for our partners, enabling them to write more quickly, to do less coding and to deliver the solution more quickly," said Crispin Read, general manager of Microsoft Dynamics ERP, in a phone interview. "They [developers] are modifying models vs. writing code -- that's a big new capability, a very significant capability in AX 6."

Read noted that ISVs will be able to use this modeling capability to better extend their products to additional markets. He claimed that the new model-driven layered architecture approach was "unusual" in the ERP software industry. Traditional ERP software products have tended to drift more toward "spaghetti code" when it came to product upgrades and expansions, he claimed.

Earlier versions of Dynamics AX have been based on a layered architecture, but they have not included this modeling capability. The modeling is based on a SQL Server-based model store, Read explained.

"The layered element is really intended to separate the work that is done by the different parties involved providing a customer solution," Read said. "That's very unique, but it's been a fundamental architectural attribute of AX for some time. We certainly improved it; certainly extended it, and we made it much more fine grained in AX 6 through layering. Now, it's model driven in the sense that we now have a SQL Server-based model store, so that there'll be fewer cases where you need to write code to modify or provide application functionality. There will be more cases where you can do that by tweaking the models themselves."

"Application modeling tools enable developers to customize an application using specialized languages that are simpler than a full programming language," explained Robert Helm, managing vice president at the Directions on Microsoft consultancy, in an e-mailed response. "Modeling can make writing customizations simpler than programming, which is how it's done today. Modeling can also make customizations easier to deploy, update and migrate to new application versions than code would be."

Microsoft dropped pushing through its Oslo repository for modeling, according to a September announcement. Instead, it now leans toward each of its solutions having its own model and data store, with Open Data Protocol (ODATA) and Entity Data Model (EDM) used for sharing and federation, explained Mike Ehrenberg, a Microsoft technical fellow.

"Consistent with that, Microsoft Dynamics AX '6' does provide its own model store -- and per the announcement, a very sophisticated one," Ehrenberg stated in an e-mailed response. "First, the model store has moved from the file system to SQL Server in this release, improving scalability, model reporting, and deployment. Layering in the model store allows efficient support of a base model, extended for localization, industry specialization, and on top of that, ISV vertical specialization, reseller and customer specialization, with the ability to model very granular changes and effectively manage the application deployment lifecycle from ISV through to customer and the upgrade process. We provide a service interface to the model store, and it is possible to layer ODATA or EDM on that service."

Read cited three main benefits for ISVs that will come with the Dynamics AX 6 release. Products will be able to get to market faster, ISVs will be able to expand their marketing and they'll be able to reduce their lifecycle investment costs, he said. Read explained that Microsoft Dynamics AX is targeted toward addressing five markets, including retail, distribution, manufacturing, services and the public sector. The solution initially will be designed for 38 countries.

Microsoft plans to hold a technical conference in about a week to show Dynamics AX 6 to its partners, Read said. A community technical preview is planned for February. General availability of Dynamics AX 6 is expected in the third quarter of this year.

About the Author Kurt Mackie is online news editor, Enterprise Group, at 1105 Media Inc.

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Solutions for Global Organizations–Microsoft Dynamics AX


Optimize your value chain across multiple operations with centralized global ERP

If your organization has multiple sites and operations, you could be facing significant challenges to efficiency and growth. Disparate business systems, lack of supply chain visibility and control, and high IT maintenance costs can hold you back and make it difficult to support new growth initiatives. Microsoft Dynamics ERP can help you move into new markets while maintaining visibility into overall operations, standardizing business processes, optimizing your value chain, and simplifying your IT environment.

Manage your organization across multiple operations with a single, adaptable global ERP solution that can:

    Provide real-time visibility across your operations - Get a comprehensive, real-time view of your entire organization for financial reporting and operational decision making.

    Optimize business processes - Consolidate and standardize processes to enable your organization to start optimizing business functions, such as intercompany trade, multi-site planning, shared services, and book closing.

    Collaborate across your virtual organization - Optimize your value chain by working effectively with other operations, partners, and suppliers.

    Expand easily into new markets - Rapidly scale your global ERP solution to support new locations, geographies, and industries with minimal IT effort. Work smoothly across borders with intercompany, multisite, multilanguage, and multicurrency capabilities, as well as support for local tax, regulatory, and market requirements.

    Simplify your IT environment - Standardize on a single ERP solution based on the Microsoft platform and innovate more easily by capitalizing on existing IT investments in Microsoft products and technologies, such as Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft Office.

    Microsoft Dynamics AX is a leader for centralized ERP across multiple operations

    According to Aberdeen Group1, there is a growing trend for midmarket companies to have multiple sites; and best-in-class organizations count on their ERP solutions to help simplify business collaboration and manage their operations effectively in this distributed environment.

    Microsoft Dynamics AX has also earned recognition from Forrester Research Inc., a leading independent research firm, as a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Order Management Hubs, Q3 2010 (August 2010)2.


    1 Aberdeen Group, “ERP in the Midmarket 2009: Managing the Complexities of a Distributed Environment,” by Cindy Jutrus, August, 2009.

    2Forrester Research, Inc “The Forrester Wave™: Order Management Hubs, Q3 2010” by Roy C. Wildeman and Craig Le Clair, August 19, 2010.

    www.pargesoft.com Microsoft Dynamics AX Global Partner

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Elementa Proje Yönetim Yazılımı

Elementa : Temel felsefesini işletmelerin proje yönetimi ve iş süreçlerinin takibi üzerine kuran Elementa, kaynak kullanımı, personel takibi, proje maliyeti, iş sonuçlandırma, raporlama gibi konularda gelişmiş özellikleri ile bir projenin tüm safhalarını görmeyi sağlamaktadır.

Elementa yönetimsel araçları sayesinde projelerin verimli çalışabilmesi için süre, maliyet, duyarlılık, personel sayısı, önem, aciliyet, karmaşıklık düzeyi vb. kriterlere göre değerlendirilmelerini ve kategorize edilerek kontrol edilmiş sonuçlarla kontrollü bir proje yönetimi sunmaktadır.

Bu suretle her projede yer alan tanımlama, planlama, uygulama ve kontrol süreçlerine ilişkin aktiviteler elementa üzerinde yapılandırılarak projeler üzerinde tam bir denetim sağlanmaktadır.

Kısaca Projeyi tanımlamak gerekirse;
Proje Nedir; Başlama ve bitişi açıkça tanımlanmış aktivitelerle bütçe ve zaman kısıtı altında iyi tanımlanmış hedef ve amaçlara ulaşma eylemidir.

Elementa, aynı anda yüzlerce proje, proje takımları, kaynak kullanımı, finansal analizleri ve iş sonuçlandırma sonrası anketleri organize etmektedir.

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