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Microsoft Dynamics ERP - Professional Service Delivery

Business Challenges
With resources that work—and work together—your employees can collaborate effectively to produce quality deliverables quickly and profitably as a team.</DIV> Effective Professional Service Delivery provides a common workspace with access to current information, enables rich collaboration across time zones and geographies, reduces project risk by providing common methodologies and project tools, and accelerates delivery by connecting people, process and project information. Some challenges to Professional Service Delivery include:
Finding and connecting expertise – Difficulty in making real-time connections with experts inhibits value delivery and slows decision making. Professional turnover and an aging workforce can make finding the right resource even more difficult.

Too much information, not enough context – It’s hard to find relevant case information without reliable sources, duplication and content silos. Practitioners may make better use of information when the information is organized effectively.

Project Delivery Risk - Poor coordination and lacking common approach with a globally distributed workforce make it hard to collaborate on projects and share information.
Accessibility and Manageability – It can be hard to access information from remote and disconnected locations. Practitioners find it difficult to make use of information when not organized and accessible.

Solutions The Microsoft Professional Service Delivery solution enables professional service organizations to connect professionals, provide access to current information, reduce project risk and simplify setup and management of users and workflow with:
    Office provides a collaborative workspace and project management within the authoring environment
      Office web applications
      Task management
    Office Communicator fosters team collaboration by providing real-time access and presence with project teams.
    SharePoint Server provides a collaborative workspace and project management
      Forms Services
      Live Meeting
      Project, Visio, Excel Services
      Role based access
      Task Management Portal
      Team workspaces
      Unified Communications (VoIP)
    Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite provides a scalable approach to managing project infrastructure requirements.

    Professional Service Delivery in the Cloud – The cloud provides flexibility for shifting work across physical locations and organizational boundaries improving accessibility of information and collaboration; examples may include outsourced knowledge process management (e.g., tax preparation), collaborative design (e.g., moving building information models from desktop to Cloud), inter-company collaboration (e.g., multi-company team portals). 

    SharePoint delivered via BPOS offers an opportunity to displace traditional client and project-specific extranets with hosted secure sites for multi-party collaboration around activities (e.g., merger and acquisition discovery, due diligence activities). In the data services space, the Azure cloud will become an alternative delivery platform for intellectual property and transactional services presently delivered via expensive on-premise datacenters.
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