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Microsoft Dynamics AX for Enterprise

Delivering quality products or services to your customers and running an agile competitive business often comes down to how well you can plan your resources and manage your core business functions. Microsoft Dynamics business solution supports industry-specific and operational processes, along with comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) functionality for financial and human resources management. These solutions executed by Microsoft dynamics consulting experts work well with Microsoft software making it easy for your enterprise business to streamline processes more quickly and easily.

Your value
Microsoft Dynamics AX for enterprise is a powerful, agile, and simple solution that helps your business become more responsive and efficient through automation and process improvement. With industry-specific focus, your company has what they need to compete as the business environment changes. Adopting to your infrastructure:
  • If you have a central ERP system but are surrounded by third-party and in-house applications, Microsoft Dynamics AX helps your business standardize on fewer systems
  • If disjointed, legacy ERP systems are holding your company back, Microsoft Dynamics AX will help your organization by centralizing with a single ERP solution

Our approach
Microsoft Dynamics business solutions use an innovative approach of:
  • Implementing Microsoft Dynamics AX by business processes (workloads)
  • Limiting risk by integrating the solution into your enterprise’s IT infrastructure
  • Leveraging the Microsoft portfolio you already have in place
Whether you need to implement a new ERP solution, replace an existing one, or integrate specific business workloads into your legacy system, Microsoft Services has a Dynamics AX deployment strategy that will meet your IT requirements and your business goals.

ERP solutions
Microsoft Services has worked extensively with large organizations in manufacturing, retail, services sector, and public sector to implement solutions specific to their key drivers and business needs.

Dell implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX, saving around USD $50 million a year and reduced implementation time with every deployment
Industry focus

Microsoft Services provides industry-specific solution offerings such as the following:
- Retail
- Manufacturing
- Services Industry
- Public Sector
- Solution Approach

Our solution approach can also help you with specific aspects of a Dynamics AX deployment from early assessment and planning to deployment and optimization. There are four Microsoft Dynamics AX solutions that provide a framework for successful AX implementations, based on your business needs.

- Decision Accelerator 
- Implementation
- Solution Architecture Assessment
- Upgrade

Sure Step Methodology

Sure Step is a standardized methodology from Microsoft that includes a collection of tools, templates, and best practices for use in all phases of a Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation. It provides a framework for envisioning your solution, as well as predictable, repeatable activities for consistent delivery success.

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Microsoft Social Listening in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015

Hi all !! I would like to share with you this great video that shows how to Configure and Use Microsoft Social Listening in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015. This is a great feature that brings CRM and social abilities to NAV, abilities that are usually connected to CRM or other external solutions. If you have an e-commerce or selling your own unique goods this feature is a must have on your system. Be aware that you would have to install CU4 Dynamics NAV 2015 updates for it to work. In our new and competitive world…it is a great feature to have !


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