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Citizen Service Solutions for Government

Citizen Service Solutions for Government
As governments contend with the challenges of growing citizen service expectations and shrinking financial resources, they need new tools to promote citizen engagement and government responsiveness. Innovative technology from Microsoft can improve communications, interactions, collaboration, and responsiveness between citizens and government institutions.

Adopt efficient, scalable, security enhanced cloud-enabled services to help expand reach and improve citizen participation in government affairs.

Greater access and responsiveness for citizens

​Promote citizen engagement and participation with personalized, accurate, timely, and convenient services and communications. Central online resources can provide citizens with virtually anytime, anywhere access to information and services. For example, governments can create a central online resource where citizens can look up information about events and services, apply for permits or licenses, pay bills and fines, or log reports and requests. Governments can also provide access to relevant data such as weather, traffic, pollution air quality, or unemployment. Enabling citizens to consume and submit information 24 hours a day through social media promotes their engagement and participation. Internally, contact center employees can also have quick access to the information and tools they need to address constituent inquiries that come by phone, email, online, or in person.

Streamlined communications and tools

​Provide task workers and constituents anywhere, anytime access to streamlined communications solutions and tools. Enable mobile access for public servants so that case workers in the field can access key information, streamline their work, and focus on tasks at hand. Whether information or service requests are made by phone, by email, or in person, contact center staff members can easily access integrated, organization-wide information and route requests to appropriate departments whether working remotely or onsite, from a laptop or a mobile device. Streamline case management between agencies to enable more effective oversight, provide improved constituent experience, and shorter time to resolution.

Efficient and scalable real-time service

​Enable governments to deliver efficient, scalable, and security-enhanced real-time services. Citizen services solutions help enable governments to interact securely with citizens, and deliver responsive government services within budget. Cloud solutions offer flexibility and the opportunity for governments to pay only for what they use and can scale to accommodate variable loads across services, applications, and the network. Our security-enhanced authentication and citizen identity management offers citizens reliable and protected citizen services.

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