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Microsoft Business Solutions Axapta Balanced Scorecard

Microsoft® Business Solutions Axapta® Balanced Scorecard helps you monitor and optimize your business performance, by using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Key Benefits:
- Evaluate your overall business performance, according to your strategic plan
- Track performance and measure fulfillment of business goals
- Obtain real-time overviews of KPIs, allowing you to take immediate action

Reaching your goals requires constant attention and monitoring of your business. Microsoft Axapta Balanced Scorecard helps you keep your business on the right track by turning strategic goals into tangible targets based on KPIs. You can quickly and simply monitor progress towards your goals and react quickly to performance trends.

Microsoft Axapta is an all-in-one solution that gives you real-time connectivity across your business. Microsoft Axapta Balanced Scorecard exchanges information with other functional areas in the solution to deliver in-depth analyses of key areas of your business.

Evaluate overall business performance
Microsoft Axapta Balanced Scorecard helps you perform in-depth analyses by providing a number of functions for status reporting and statistical analysis. You can analyze your KPIs periodically, and you can determine the design of these analyses by your individual business goals and needs.

With a graphic analysis, whether your business is on track to meet your targets becomes obvious. Color schemes, measurement intervals and fluctuation interpretations are configured for each goal area and set up according to your preferred view.

Track your business performance
With Microsoft Axapta, your goals can be broken down into measurable targets for each organizational unit—right down to the individual employee. Once these targets are entered into Microsoft Axapta, progress towards achieving them is continually tracked using a range of data such as financial and operational measures, customer satisfaction data, and overall growth.

Tracking progress and performance is not only a management concern. Your employees can monitor their own targets and performance, as well as those of the organization as a whole. Navigation in Microsoft Axapta Balanced Scorecard is simple, and it is easy to highlight the relevant measures and results. The solution also provides cockpits that gather these measuring tools in one place, making it possible to target the information to your management team.

Get a real-time overview
Microsoft Axapta Balanced Scorecard helps you keep a reliable overview of your business because the functionalities are transaction-based. All automatic and manual measurements are recorded as transactions within periods. These periods coincide with the period profile of selected KPIs. As a result, your budget and the actual numbers in the form of transactions can be compared online and in real-time.

You can monitor KPIs through analyses that you design, and which you can evaluate using a number of views including postings, budgets, maximum, minimum, sums, averages and budget projections.

Support for external measurement
If you have data stored in several systems, how can you be sure that all the vital information is considered and included in your reports? The data link function makes it possible to measure data from a source other than Microsoft Axapta. It lets you work in a goal-oriented and balanced way with information from different IT systems used throughout your organization.

For more information about Microsoft Axapta
To learn more about Microsoft Axapta, contact your local Microsoft Business Solutions office, a Microsoft Certified Business Solutions reselling partner, and/or visit http://www.dvision.com.tr/


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