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Microsoft Business Intelligence Data Storage and Management

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Consolidate data from diverse sources securely

SQL Server provides a comprehensive and scalable data warehouse platform that enables organizations to build large-scale enterprise data warehouses that can consolidate data from multiple disparate systems into a single, secure, manageable solution.

The Microsoft SQL Server data storage and management platform helps you deliver accurate, timely information to all employees – leading to better, faster, more relevant decisions.

Data Warehousing

Store and connect information
Microsoft data warehousing solutions are designed to store and connect your information securely, making the analysis, extraction, transformation, and loading processes easier.

Because data is aggregated, compressed and stored in a dynamic, scalable, integrated system, organizations can reduce long-term storage requirements and generate reports faster.

Employees spend less time searching for the right data and more time on higher-value work and better decision-making.

Ad-Hoc Analysis

Rapidly analyze data across all business dimensions

Microsoft Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) makes it quick and easy to perform ad-hoc queries and analysis of large amounts of complex data across all aspects of your business.

Use Microsoft OLAP functionality to improve reporting for sales, marketing, management reporting, business process management, budgeting and forecasting, financial reporting and similar areas.

Data Quality

Preserve data quality with confidence

Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions protect the high quality of your data with secure integration and tight interoperability across multiple data sources.

You can rely on high-quality data that is accurate, timely, meaningful and complete.

Data Mining

Dig deeper to deduce knowledge

Microsoft data mining solutions empower people to go beyond simple data analysis to indentify hidden trends, problems or relationships in the information.

Once insights are extracted from patterns, clusters and trends, employees can better identify root causes of problems and predict future outcomes.

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