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The evolving global economy presents organizations in every industry with the difficult challenge of maintaining quality, growth, and innovation while concurrently reducing costs in ever-shorter product life cycles. As we attempt to balance these opposing needs, enterprises face new complexities in the modern marketplace: a shortage of skilled resources; greater demand for differentiation from growing competition; global shifts in supply and demand; the evolution of new business models; and the need for sustainability across multiple markets. Streamlining operations is a natural starting point for addressing most of these issues.

Whether your offerings are physical or digital, every enterprise can benefit from the new class of adaptive technology to support core manufacturing, store, branch, or service operations – as well as multi-enterprise supply chains. In evaluating potential solutions, today’s manufacturers look for technologies that can handle increasingly complex business operations as well as anticipate, innovate, and accelerate delivery of world-class products and services. To that end, the most useful operations-focused solutions enable role-based productivity in everyday activities by integrating people, processes, and business systems across organizational boundaries. Simultaneously, the ideal solutions also allow ideas, knowledge, data, and business insights to flow freely during every step of the product or service life cycle.

Over the years, Microsoft technologies have become ubiquitous in the operations arena. In fact, AMR Research estimates that more than 90% of today’s manufacturing execution systems run on Microsoft Windows and SQL Server, and that many point-of-sale (POS) systems are also Microsoft-based. Microsoft provides a comprehensive Operations Management platform to enable 'Operations 2.0', allowing organizations to continuously tune & adapt their dynamic business operations, by providing them the ability to easily integrate agile Systems of Innovation and Systems of Differentiation to inflexible Systems of Record.  The Microsoft platform for Operations Management includes SharePoint 2010 (pre-integrated as Duet Enterprise for SAP Customers), Office 2010, , Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Operational ERP solutions, and a comprehensive partner ecosystem that delivers solutions for manufacturing, store, branch and service operations.  SharePoint 2010  and Office 2010 enhance usability and productivity in operations, and are also the key System of Innovation. Microsoft Dynamics AX provides global organizations with a modern and intuitive Operational ERP System of Differentiation for manufacturing, store, branch and service operations that integrates with partner execution systems, while also integrating with, (or replacing) Systems of Record (e.g. HQ Administrative ERP) to support both market differentiated and globally standardized processes,  while providing global visibility.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008
All of our operations software solutions are founded on SQL Server 2008, a high-end, scalable database platform that provides secure, easy access to stored data and can integrate operational data across disparate production and service delivery systems including manufacturing execution systems, enterprise resource planning (ERP), POS, and supply-chain management software (SCM). SQL Server also includes powerful reporting and analysis services that can easily handle demanding analytical applications with millions of records and thousands of users.

Microsoft Dynamics AX
Another key component in our solution offering is Microsoft Dynamics AX which integrates several Microsoft technologies: BizTalk Server for automated data collection; SharePoint for role-based dashboards; SQL Server for performance management; and Microsoft Unified Communications for real-time collaboration capabilities via phone, mobile devices, live meetings, and more. Dynamics AX is a prime example of what Gartner refers to as a “visionary” breed of operational ERP, and a 'System of Differentiation' – one that can support dynamic business operations and augment a legacy administrative system in a two-tier deployment model.

Duet Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP
Duet Enterprise, a product jointly developed by SAP and Microsoft, combines the collaboration and productivity supported by Microsoft SharePoint with the business data and business processing functionality of SAP applications. Recognized by Gartner as a 'System of Innovation', Duet Enterprise empowers operations personnel to consume and extend SAP processes and information through a familiar Microsoft SharePoint and Office environment.

And building upon these mission-critical, real-time systems, Microsoft and its certified partners have developed a variety of industry-specific solutions to help you leverage investments in core transactional systems while resolving concerns about adapting legacy systems to a modern, dynamic business environment.

Microsoft Operations Solution Benefits

    • Higher efficiency through a familiar, easy-to-use, role-tailored environment
    • Connected, collaborative online environments for real-time operational intelligence that spans applications, business processes, and enterprises
    • Cost-effective, modern applications that can adapt to dynamic business operations and be scaled  for branches, companies, or divisions of any size
    • Unified Communications capabilities that provide presence, identity, and collaboration platforms for rapid issue resolution across geographic and organizational boundaries
    • Secure storage and retrieval of intellectual property across distributed, multi-enterprise operations via digital rights management (DRM)
    • Deeper, more accurate actionable operational intelligence through automated data collection, direct data access, broad reporting, and pervasive performance-management capabilities


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