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Microsoft Business Intellgence - About BI

Microsoft leads the industry in business intelligence solutions.

Microsoft business intelligence solutions are scalable and designed to evolve with your business. With continuous innovation since initial release, Microsoft business intelligence solutions are built on open, industry-wide standards – making integration with your other systems easier and less costly than the alternatives.

BI Benefits

Improve organizational effectiveness
Microsoft business intelligence enables you to create and manage information through an integrated system that includes core business productivity features, such as collaboration tools, search capabilities, and content management. The workplace becomes highly efficient, resulting in cost savings and low total cost of ownership (TCO).

BI In Action

Accurate, integrated data empowers success at Northumbria University
Stakeholders at Northumbria University use Microsoft Business Intelligence solutions to gain access to near real-time, streaming reports to support effective decision-making.

"Within one year the team was able to launch the full decision support system, a user friendly web-based portal, called Northumbria World. It includes dashboards, scorecards, KPIs and advanced drill-down capabilities. We almost surprised ourselves with the rather quick and smooth implementation process -- it really exceeded expectations every step of the way." Eugene McCrossan, Financial Planning Director for Northumbria

Enable IT efficiency while reducing costs

With Microsoft business intelligence, you can cut costs and reduce complexity by leveraging existing IT investments to extend the reach of technology you already own.

Because Microsoft Excel, SQL Server and SharePoint are integrated and inter-operable, you can rely on your existing IT resources and skill sets for faster implementation and lower total cost of ownership.

Conceptus Achieves Effective, Integrated Solution at Half the Cost
Conceptus deployed Microsoft business intelligence solutions to achieve increased visibility into key data and trends at half the cost of a competitor.

"By choosing Microsoft, we gained an effective BI solution at half the cost of an alternative. We were able to use our existing CRM and ERP systems and our existing data warehouse for building the OLAP cubes." Jeff Letasse, Vice President of Information Technology and Business Systems

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