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Optimize your value chain across multiple operations with centralized ERP


If your organization has multiple sites and operations, you could be facing significant challenges to efficiency and growth. Disparate business systems, lack of supply chain visibility and control, and high IT maintenance costs can hold you back and make it difficult to support new growth initiatives. Microsoft Dynamics ERP can help you move into new markets while maintaining visibility into overall operations, standardizing business processes, optimizing your value chain, and simplifying your IT environment.

Manage your organization across multiple operations with a single, adaptable solution that can:

    Provide real-time visibility across your operations - Get a comprehensive, real-time view of your entire organization for financial reporting and operational decision making.

    Optimize business processes - Consolidate and standardize processes to enable your organization to start optimizing business functions, such as intercompany trade, multi-site planning, shared services, and book closing.

    Collaborate across your virtual organization - Optimize your value chain by working effectively with other operations, partners, and suppliers.

    Expand easily into new markets - Rapidly scale your ERP solution to support new locations, geographies, and industries with minimal IT effort. Work smoothly across borders with intercompany, multisite, multilanguage, and multicurrency capabilities, as well as support for local tax, regulatory, and market requirements.

    Simplify your IT environment - Standardize on a single ERP solution based on the Microsoft platform and innovate more easily by capitalizing on existing IT investments in Microsoft products and technologies, such as Microsoft SharePoint Server and Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a leader for centralized ERP across multiple operations

According to Aberdeen Group1, there is a growing trend for midmarket companies to have multiple sites; and best-in-class organizations count on their ERP solutions to help manage their operations effectively in this distributed environment. In addition, Gartner has positioned Microsoft Dynamics AX as a leader in its Magic Quadrant2 for product-centric midmarket companies with a global presence and roughly 100 to 1,000 employees.

1 Aberdeen Group, “ERP in the Midmarket 2009: Managing the Complexities of a Distributed Environment,” by Cindy Jutrus, August, 2009.

2 Gartner Inc., “Magic Quadrant for Midmarket and Tier 2-Oriented ERP for Product-Centric Companies,” by C. Hestermann, R. Anderson, and C. Pang, June 4, 2009.

A clear payback

Although the idea of implementing or replacing an ERP system is daunting, the risk of doing nothing will significantly hinder business success and future growth. Whatever you decide, your ERP software is going to have to show a clear payback—in business value and as IT investment. Contact Microsoft to talk about the specific benefits your organization can gain with your Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution.

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