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Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Financial Planning, Budgeting and Reporting

Microsoft Dynamics for financial planning, budgeting, and reporting

Monitor, measure, and manage organizational performance
Microsoft Dynamics offers financial planning, budgeting, and reporting applications that work with your enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to help you measure business results, align performance to goals, and improve profitability. Which solution is right for you? For simplified, template-driven planning and budgeting, choose Forecaster for Microsoft Dynamics ERP. FRx for Microsoft Dynamics ERP gives you powerful analysis and reporting capabilities. With Enterprise Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics ERP, you get a full-featured performance management solution to manage complex consolidations and multiple currencies. No matter what your business needs, you can count on a Microsoft Dynamics solution.

Basic planning and budgeting

Contain costs and prevent fiscal surprises by budgeting and planning for the future efficiently and accurately. Forecaster for Microsoft Dynamics ERP helps your organization set realistic financial expectations based on a sound business plan linked to current strategic business objectives.

Managers can quickly build budgets based on their departmental objectives and knowledge of marketing conditions for improved forecasting with built-in flexibility to respond to changing business conditions.

Analysis and reporting

Monitor performance, spot trends, and respond to new opportunities with financial analysis and reporting software that integrates tightly with your general ledger and provides accurate insight into financial processes—with little or no burden on your IT department.

With easy-to-use FRx for Microsoft Dynamics ERP, you can generate and share real-time reports across the organization to help you meet financial reporting deadlines easily, close the books quickly, and simplify report sharing.

Complex financial scenarios

Multisite and international organizations require sophisticated financial reporting, budgeting, and planning capabilities, including advanced multidimensional consolidations, eliminations, and multiple currencies.

Enterprise Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics ERP integrates tightly with your financial system to help meet your most complex financial needs and provide consolidated financial reporting and budgeting across the enterprise.

Enterprise Reporting for Microsoft Dynamics ERP helps streamline complex financial analysis and reporting requirements across the enterprise

Complex organizational structures demand flexible enterprise planning, budgeting, and reporting that works smoothly with your financial systems, fits your specific business, and is easy to use and share. Enterprise Reporting provides powerful, reliable data collection and easy-to-use analysis and reporting functionality, as well as built-in consolidation, elimination, and multicurrency capabilities. A variety of presentation and display methods help employees and managers monitor business performance, gain insight into finances, and make confident, informed decisions. Enterprise Reporting offers these additional capabilities:

- Smooth integration with any general ledger or financial system for reliable, consistent financial data.

- Flexible reporting, including statutory as well as management reporting of multitiered information.

- The ability to balance performance with accuracy and centralized control with local autonomy.

- Graphical representations of key performance indicators (KPIs) to help decision makers visualize trends, patterns, and relationships that affect profitability and enhance strategic planning.

- Data interpretation using a rich set of analysis tools, including Microsoft Office Excel and Enterprise Reporting Cube Designer for a generation of online analytical processing (OLAP) cubes.

- Web browser access to data so people across the organization can view, modify, and analyze business data anytime and remotely process or schedule report packages for distribution in a variety of formats.

- Support for financial industry standards.


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