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Microsoft Dynamics works well with your systems

Microsoft Dynamics solutions work closely with the Microsoft software and systems you may already use, allowing you to generate more value from your investment in technology. Microsoft and its partner network provide software solutions that deliver a high return on your current investments in tools, technologies, processes, and skills.

Integration with the Microsoft Office system helps your people be more productive

Microsoft Dynamics solutions work like and with the Microsoft Office system products you and your people likely use every day. Increase the benefits even more by integrating Microsoft Dynamics with Microsoft Office to help accelerate and simplify processes, reduce busywork, and make information more reliable and consistent. For example:
·         Information flows between Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Office to accelerate business analysis and reporting. Workers can automatically pre-populate Microsoft Office documents with up-to-date data and provide people with information they need for top performance.
·         In addition to e-mail, calendars, and contacts, use Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to help ensure that customer information is correct and that communications are efficient. And you can have your business management solution send automatic notifications from Office Outlook to tell people about critical events such as an inventory shortage, enabling them to act in time.

Integration with Microsoft server solutions helps provide a scalable business infrastructure

Integrate your Microsoft Dynamics business software with Microsoft server products and other Microsoft products and technologies to help ensure a solid return on investment and a low total cost of ownership. You’ll also benefit from a reliable and extensible business management infrastructure that responds effectively to your goals.
·         Microsoft Dynamics with Windows7 and Microsoft Exchange Server technologies empower your people to be more productive, strengthen external collaboration, and implement adaptable processes to meet changing business needs.

·         Integrate your Microsoft Dynamics business management solution with the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database and analytics program, and get enterprise-level reporting, flexible decision-making support, and timely, relevant business insight at a low cost with significantly higher usability and flexibility.
Integrate Microsoft Dynamics with Microsoft BizTalk Server to help manage your distributed, growing organization more effectively. For example, connect multiple instances of Microsoft Dynamics solutions, and link to legacy systems and databases.
Implement Microsoft Dynamics together with the Microsoft Visual Studio development system, and your developers can exercise their creativity within a versatile programming environment.
Microsoft Dynamics takes advantage of service-oriented architecture (SOA) in Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft BizTalk Server, Windows SharePoint Services, and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server to increase agility and extend the reach of business solutions through real-world SOA and business process management.

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