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Fuel business productivity with Microsoft Dynamics

Fuel business productivity with Microsoft Dynamics

Take your people and processes to the next level of performance
Microsoft Dynamics for business management promotes a people-focused approach to productivity. By empowering your people to accomplish their best, you can heighten the productivity of collaborating teams, workflows and processes, key relationships with suppliers and customers, and technology—across your organization.

Capitalize on productivity opportunities
Microsoft Dynamics business management solutions can provide an infrastructure to help you reach your specific productivity goals. The technology can follow your vision. Important Microsoft Dynamics capabilities include helpful automation, actionable information, and effective collaboration. For example, you can:

Automate business processes. Reduce the cost of doing business by helping your people concentrate more on productive tasks and less on repetitive busywork. From the first sales conversation through manufacturing, shipping, and servicing, automation helps streamline your entire business and move processes along productively and economically.

Use technology to get accurate information. Set the best course of action. And act on it. Reporting and business analysis tools help your people gain a deep understanding of business performance, customer preferences, and market trends. Executives can receive business performance, financial, and competitive intelligence. Line-of-business directors can assess and drive departmental productivity and operational efficiency. And employees can manage business areas within their responsibility equipped with all the information and capabilities they need.

Enrich teams within the company. Employee portals and team sites help people to work together productively across the organization, no matter where they are. Customers and business partners can engage with your company in mutually beneficial, collaborative relationships. Employees, vendors, and customers gain direct access to the information, documents, and capabilities they need. And executives and business managers can access performance metrics and analytical reports and work together to set strategy.

Implement technology that works the way your people do
Microsoft and its partners work with you to help ensure that you generate the productivity benefits you are striving for from a business management solution.

Put people at the center of business processes. Microsoft Dynamics works with and like the software your people use every day. Each team member can adjust preferences, views, and report types. And RoleTailored access to intranet employee portals helps everyone in your organization get to mission-critical tasks first and keep sensitive information protected.

Increase productivity. Microsoft Dynamics solutions work like and with other Microsoft technologies you might already use in your business. With the low support requirements and easy user adoption of Microsoft Dynamics solutions, your IT team can play a more strategic role in advancing your business interests.

Get industry-specific functionality. Microsoft partners provide industry-specific customizations that help boost the value of Microsoft Dynamics with their own software products. Microsoft is committed to giving partners everything they need to help you gain the full benefits potential from Microsoft Dynamics software and other Microsoft products and technologies.

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