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Manage organizational growth with Microsoft Dynamics AX

Scale your business systems rapidly and efficiently to support new users, new locations, and new lines of business

As your organization expands, the ability to rapidly scale your ERP systems to support new users, new locations, and new lines of business—as well as to improve the efficiency of core business processes—is critical. Systems that keep pace with your growing business can minimize growing pains and ensure your company is poised for future success.

Whether you’re supporting the organic growth of your existing business, expanding by adding new locations, or transforming your organization through merger or acquisition, Microsoft Dynamics AX can help you manage a smooth transition as you take your business to the next level. Here’s how:

Ensure smooth integration of merged or newly acquired companies

    Rapidly gain visibility into the new or combined entity and/or subsidiaries by integrating all business systems and capturing manual business processes. Aggregating and analyzing data from disparate systems can help deliver operational insight, enabling better sales and production forecasting, materials scheduling, inventory management, and other critical processes.

    A familiar, comfortable user interface and intuitive Role Centers help employees quickly become proficient in ERP functionality, reducing downtime and training time, and eliminating resistance to adoption of the new systems.

Quickly add new locations or international offices

    Track multiple business units within a single organization as separate profit/loss centers. Scale to support an unlimited number of books for asset management and support different depreciation methods depending on tax authority and financial reporting purposes.

    Rapidly add international capabilities and new functionality. Support for multiple languages and currencies, country-specific functionality, and a rich set of multi-site shared services and intercompany functionality make it straightforward to extend Microsoft Dynamics AX with the exact capabilities you need—when and where you need them.

Scale your systems along with your business

    Improve the speed of transaction processing and scale your transactional volume by automating business workflows, freeing people for other, more productive work, and reducing overhead costs as you grow.

    Respond quickly to new opportunities by integrating discrete budgeting and planning processes into the daily rhythm of the business. High performance systems enable you to run production and planning processes more frequently, so you can react to changes and increase company performance and schedule efficiencies.

Support your growing organization

    Maintain appropriate staffing levels and manage future organizational changes, including planned reorganizations and hiring campaigns by automating internal and external recruitment processes such as sourcing jobs, managing recruitment, and hiring new workers—including hiring en masse.

    Enable employees to spot trends and respond proactively. More easily perform complex analyses on data involving numerous aspects of the business, so people across the organization can make more confident decisions about high-risk business situations based on data from multiple sources.

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