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Professional Services for Microsoft Dynamics™ AX 2009

Working with federal, state, and local government agencies can be a challenge. Strict regulatory requirements and procurement agents can make it difficult just to break even on fixed-price contracts. To be successful, you have to manage this complexity and deliver a quality product or service while still making money. With Professional Services for Microsoft Dynamics™ AX, government contractors can help better manage project teams, increase employee productivity, and remain in compliance with complex government audit policies and procedures.
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Integrate Financial, Human Resources, and  Project Management Information
Help connect disparate systems to integrate data for comprehensive pictures of your firm and accounts and streamline company- and project-related processes. Reduce redundant data entry and management efforts, improve accuracy, and increase staff productivity by integrating Microsoft Dynamics AX general ledger, purchasing, receivables, and time and expense functionality. Benefit from tight integration with familiar productivity software, including Microsoft® Office Excel® 2003, Microsoft Office Word 2003, and Microsoft Office Project Server 2003.
· Integrated firm-wide processes and information
· Compliance with government regulations
· Enhanced handling of time and expenses
· Easy management of requests for proposals (RFPs) and contracts
· Positive return on investment (ROI)
Remain Compliant with Government Regulations
Help collect and analyze project-related time and expense data and generate accurate, up-to-the-minute reports for government audits. View agency, department, contract, and project details in real time for an accurate accounting of progress and profitability.
Capture and Report Time and Expenses Efficiently
Capture customer, project, sub-project, or task-level time and expenses through a powerful Web-based, workflow-enabled time and expense entry interface. Standard features include document and line-item-level timecard and expense report approvals; integration with client and agency expense reimbursement rules; and automatic downloading of assigned tasks to timesheets and credit card statements to expense reports.
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Track and manage multiple change requests throughout the lifetime of a project with complete roll-up and historical archival capabilities. Produce robust real-time reports that can be saved for repeated use.

Flexible Project Management CapabilitiesConfigure work breakdown structures (WBS) to suit your business needs; define matrix tables for costs and rates; and establish billing rules and revenue recognition methods.
CRMManage RFPs, contracts, quotations, and sales orders at an enterprise level within your business management system. Produce robust reports on pre- and post-sales activity
Detailed Job AnalysisAccumulate costs and analyze projects with drill-down capabilities at multiple levels. Flexible planning and reporting allow you to assign resources and report at the appropriate level of detail.
Customer Profile Folders and TemplatesCustomer and project folders allow you to create client-specific project billing rates, expense rules, and archive and retrieve historical staffing plans, estimates, purchase orders, invoices, and budget reconciliations.
Web-Based, Workflow-Enabled Time and
Expense Entry
Maintain tight control over costs and shorten billing cycle time with automated approval processes for timesheets and streamlined processes for cash advances, travel advances, and credit card reconciliation. Set alerts on timesheets to indicate when time is not being entered as required, or when committed costs exceed budgets.
Customizable Revenue Recognition and Project Billing Rules Define recognition at the company, customer, project, or activity level and pre-configure rules for percent complete, completed contract, time and materials, and fixed fees with tools that conform to the way your company works. Flexible billing parameters support retainers, fees, milestones, and progress billing.
Multicompany and Multicurrency SupportYour business can support distinct departments, offices, and companies and apply inter-company rules within one database. Track financial transactions within and between different departments and subsidiaries to help ensure an accurate overview of revenue and cost flows. Full multicurrency support enables you to perform automatic conversions associated with project budgeting, costing, billing, accounting, and reporting.
Microsoft Project Bi-directional Integration with Project Accounting Full bi-directional integration with Project Server 2003 offers both increased team collaboration capabilities and ease of use. With powerful resource scheduling and tracking tools, your company can improve cost efficiencies by better managing the allocation of resources.
Manage Contract and Sales Opportunity Data More Effectively
When coupled with customer relationship management (CRM) functionality, Professional Services for Microsoft Dynamics AX can become a full-featured RFP-to-project management tool. Manage opportunities, contacts, RFPs, contracts, and transactions all in one place. And when you close a deal, you may convert quotations to sales orders with one-click ease.
Professional Services for Microsoft Dynamics AX also comes standard with a robust set of sales-pipeline and in-process sales reports, such as prognosis for quotation, won-lost, master planning estimates, turnover reports, campaign analysis, and business relations.
Achieve a Positive ROI
Because Professional Services for Microsoft Dynamics AX integrates closely with other powerful Microsoft technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server™ 2000, Microsoft Internet Information Services, and the Microsoft Windows® operating system, your firm can take advantage of existing IT investments and gain a fast return on your investment. And supported by a wizard-based configuration and system setup tool, Microsoft Business Solutions–Axapta®, now part of Microsoft Dynamics, has been shown to significantly reduce implementation times and total cost of ownership for customers.*
*Nucleus Research, Inc. The Real ROI from Axapta. Research Note E116, October 2004
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